When someone you love and care about is helpless due to a disability or illness, legal protection can be put in place to keep them safe. Guardianships and conservatorships are legal devices that specify a court-appointed caretaker to administer the affairs of someone who has become unable to protect or care for themselves.

Guardians and conservators are usually defined as:

  • Guardians are generally appointed to look after the needs of minor children whose parents have died or are unable to care for them.
  • Conservators of the Estate are appointed to manage a person’s financial affairs.
  • Conservators of the Person are appointed to ensure the care of a person, such as health care, food, clothing, and where the person will live.
  • Limited Conservatorships are used to appoint a conservator for a person with developmental disabilities, and are limited to handling only the matters dictated by the court.

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